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Wellness Thru Flow

Cassandra offers 2 types of movement classes;

Both types of classes work towards relaxing the body and learning to recognise and relax tense muscles. The more you develop a deeper connection with the messages your body is sending, the easier your mind and body will flow in and through your day to day life.

Chair Yoga: Great for every physical ability, is slow steady movements used to help restore the body after sergery, build lean muscle and heal the body. Every movement can be modified for each issue your body is dealing with.

Movement Meditation consisting of dancing, walking, standing still or even laying down on the floor. 

The movements are gentle, feminine, graceful, belly dance inspired, and accessible to most body types and abilities.

ALL women and ALL shapes, sizes & abilities are welcome to come flail with us, 2 left feet are welcome!  This is a safe, supportive, judgment free space for women to connect and express themselves!

Feel free to dress casual or dress up as long as you can move freely in your clothing choices (I love dress up!)


  • Vibrant health and wellbeing

  • Awakening of your sexual, spiritual & creative energies

  • Increased energy, vitality & aliveness

  • Stress management

  • Internal happiness, freedom & liberation

  • Confidence and passion to live your highest truth

  • Mental clarity, focus, and productivity

  • Emotional Intelligence & wellbeing

  • Inspiration & Empowerment

  • Love and compassion for self and others

Movement Practices

Movement meditation encourages natural and authentic self-expression and provides a means of

re-connecting with our most primal, graceful and authentic self. It opens our creative life force, expands awareness and develops mental calmness.

Through Movement Meditations, Somatic Dance Exercises, & Embodied Dance Journeys,

you will touch deeper layers of your self-connection, expand your movement vocabulary,

and explore vast realms of your authentic self expression.

Flow With The Elements

MANA Movement

Chair Yoga


Dance Therapists believe that “the spark of life started with movement, and dance therapists use those sparks to ignite feelings in those whose lives have dimmed” (Koch, N)

Move Your Body...

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