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WhiteLion Creations...
Sensei Dale Bullie

Dale Bullied is the creative force behind WhiteLion Creations, by nature and by title. His ability to take what's in his mind - and others' - and develop it from concept to prototype has taken the company in many different directions.

Certified in the Following:


  • Meifu Shinkage Ryu (Shodan)

  • MSR Certified Traditional Tool Maker

  • Firewalking Instructor

  • Breathwork Instructor​

  • Saber Dueling Instructor

Meifu Shrinkage Ryu

Meifu Shinkage Ryu - Hidden Weaponsmith (Tools)

My Story

Born and raised on a cattle/grain farm, just outside the small town of Holland Mb, with his parents, and 5 siblings, Dale was the truck driverfor the farm, transporting grains of the fields. With the long hours of sitting in the truck he found a love for outdoors, where he dreamed of obsticle courses and traditional martial arts. During his teenage years he began creating old style martial arts weapons and started training with his 2 best friends. Over the years Dale honed his martial art skills and found many new creations to build. 

​The name WhiteLion Creations actually gets its origin from Dale's involvement with martial arts - he has successfully studied numerous Martial Arts over his lifetime including Sikaran Arnis, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate and Meifu Shinkage Ryu. He currently is certified as a Sensei for MSR, and has a functional dojo on the WTF grounds to teach Meifu Shinkage Ryu as well as the children's equivalent Ninja Turtles (Mixed Martial Arts - Agility Course). Combining his two talents, Dale holds certification from the Meifu Shinkage Ryu Hombo in Japan to manufacture authentic MSR hidden weapons - tools under the WhiteLion Creations name, for his dojo as well as to ship around the world. He has designed and replicated many martial arts' weapons at Japan's and Sikaran Arnis request.​

​​​WhiteLion Creations became an official business when Dale built a PVC pedal car for his bestfriend Carmen, whom had progressive MS so he too could ride in the MS Bike Team to fundraise for multiple sclerosis research. Dale and Carmen went on to build 6 cars for thier team and adapted the design and built several bikes for those with body mobility issues.  Dale led the Bike Team "Carmens Cruizers" in raising over $100,000 for MS research over a seven year stretch in Biking to The Viking (Stonewall to Gimli)

Dale has a unique & fun approach to teaching, while still upholding tradition, honor, respect & discipline. There is an element in Firewalking that is shared with martial arts, and Dale's certification in Firewalking Empowerment means that he can use these combined approaches to help in teaching his students. He enjoys helping participants, especially men, conquer the major obstacles that they can overcome by walking the fire and/or mastering the ancient arts.

Dale is working with his wife Cassandra to offer Couples Retreats & All Day Workshops, after being together for over 32 years, they have lived knowledge, with thier own perspectives and opinions they make for a interesting and powerful example of working together, changing behaviors and working through the many challenges they have faced. Dale has been persuaded by his wife to take several courses, to help him in his own healing and growth, to learn skills and bring tools of his own to the table, including FireWalk Instruction, Rainbow Warrior, Reiki Master and Breathwork Practioner. 

Dale has also been a circle holder, a gate keeper of the north and fire keeper on several occasions, for ritual work and festival events including Manitoba Goddess Festival, Mabon Gatherings & other private events/gatherings.

Pedal Truck
MS Biking to Viking
Pedal Car


Dale & Cassandra

Dale & Cassandra
1991- Present

​​A 30+ year journey together of walking the path less traveled...


The Day We Met was April 1, 1991 (yes, April Fool's Day).

Our first home together was a country shack with no hot water and no heat - our baths were heated with a cattle iron and it was the 1990s, not the 1920s! We were really excited when we moved 'up' to a tiny apartment with full-on indoor plumbing. Since then we've been through several homes, added four babies and now four grandbabies.

Our life together has held so much happiness but also what feels like more than our share of loss and grief - multiple accidents, house fires, diseases, surgeries and loved ones gone too soon.

In a critical turning point or should I say turning points were in the summer of 2014 we lost a very special member of our home to a brain tumor after months of no one listening that something was wrong, then a few months later our son was in in an accident that was said was something out of a horror film and it felt especially unfair when a few months later our three-story 100+ year old house burned to the ground and was a total loss and and and... the list went on and on. And absolutely, we were angry. We were bitter. But we chose to keep our focus on healing and living an empowered life, and in 2017 we traveled to the US together to become certified in Walking Fire.

After a few more issues, hurdles and kicks in the ass, finally in the fall of 2020, we were able to move to our Created By Us Home in Winnipeg Beach. We've planted memorial trees along with ideas, cleared our space, changed the landscape, and built our amazing Studio of Self-Love, Healing & Empowerment, where we now run our Walking Thru Fire Events, Martial Arts Training and Healing Therapies.

Welcome to Our Happy Place!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.


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