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Spark Your Intuition Party
Oracle Cards & Pendulum Guidance

Try Something Unique for Yourself, Small Group or Event

Learn Oracle Cards & Pendulums!

Oracle Cards & Pendulum Workshop Exploring your Own Intuition with over 30 different decks

Wild-Heart Mystic Cassandra


​I will guide you to open up your imagination, your intuition, to listen to your gut insticts as you learn to trust and believe when working with Oracle Cards and Pendulums. These guidance tools are used to provide insight, for those seeking answers to their most inner questions.


Oracle Card are great for finding inspiration, to help clarify things going on by looking at it from a fresh perspective or showing you what you may not see, its about bringing your inner self to the surface so that you may see your issue, problem, whatever is causing you pain or confusion into pictures, oracle cards allow us to quiet our mind and hear our inner voice. 


Pendulums give direction for what step to take next, yes/no answers to easy questions, helps to point out what needs to be known or seen.

I love to use these 2 tools together when facilitating a reading, it can give quick order to a bigger picture, deeper insight to questions and clarity to messages.


Wanna Try some light hearted fun, learn a little something new and expand your minds eye,

book an afternoon or evening of fun. You may just be surprised by what comes about...

Cassandra the Wild-Heart Mystic, The Oracle, The Witch 

With over 25 years experience including:

Winnipeg Taboo Show - Main Reader

Radiance Gifts & Treasures

Soul Medicine - Weekly Reader

Miss Lonely Hearts Goddesses Group

Years of Banquets, Bachelorette Parties & Private Functions​

Wild-Heart Mystic Cassandra

Sit a Spell - Oracle Guidance


Do You wonder what keeps you stuck in areas of your life, or whats keeping you from your dreams...

Come for a one of a kind reading!

Spark Your Intuition Party

Oracle Cards & Pendulum Workshop


Exploring your Own Intuition with over 30 different decks to work with to enhance and expand your own gifts.

Plus pendulums for easy yes/no clarity.

Private Event

Book a Few Hours or the Whole Day, Cassandra The Wild-Heart Mystic

15 Minute Reads for Groups


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