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   step away, from the every day...

Self-Love Sisterhood is all about having time for you; Self-Care

Self-Love Sisterhood- Women Only
Walking Thru Fire, Studio of Self-Love, Healing & Empowerment (Spacious 700ft Studio) 
264 Quarter Mile Road, Wpg. Beach


Weekly Starting - Wednesday March 6th

In Person:  1pm - 3pm &/or 7pm-9pm


Open to Women - drop in fee $10.00 or $35.00 per month savings of $5.00

Come enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, water, ginger ale plus a lovely snack


I will work to create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance that encourages members to support one another, relax and decompress from all life has to offer. I will guide, support and offer tools and 

  • every week will have a different energy, teaching and theme

  • oracle cards, mantras, affirmations

  • meditations - guided, movement, awareness

  • tips, tools, techniques for better self-care & self-love



I'm always looking for new clients, friends & quantum family. Let's connect.

Zoom - WalkingThruFire

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