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clear the air

Clear The Air

Clear The Air, Bless The Space

Smudging connects people to the Creator and provides communities with a way to gain spiritual protection and blessings, as well as to improve spiritual health. The smoke created by burning sacred herbs is thought to purify the body and soul, and bring clarity to the mind. In this way, smudging is also used to cleanse places said to hold negative energy. Consequently, smudging was (and still is) performed during times of crisis, ill health and death.


clearing alter

Want your space to feel fresh, light and airy, your space cleared, the energy shifted and a feeling of a newness, then book an appointment to have your space cleared & blessed by Ordained Minister of Love, Shamanic Priestess & Sacred Fire Goddess. Cassandra.

Many moons ago I went to an amazing energy reader which is where I began my healing journey, followed by many teachers, healers and spiritual guides each one adding to my knowledge and understanding. Each with thier own gifts and lived experience, each one bestowing on me a peice of pie to become a very gifted energy shifter & healer.

Since 2012 I have been helping clear away the residul energy after tragic death, marital issues and illness, I have cleared the energy & blessed land before homes are built, homes that are newly bought or built, I have blessed business that are about to open. Whatever it is that you need cleared and blessed I would love to help, and if not me I know many amazing women, elders and healers to I would love to put you in touch with that would fit perfect for you. Everyone deserves a fresh, clear, loving energy to start their day, let me help you have a a clear and blessed space to live, work and play.   

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