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Oracle Cards & Pendulum Guidance

Try Something Unique for Yourself, Small Group or Event

Book an Oracle Card Reading with Wild-Heart Mystic Cassandra

One of a Kind Experience in Clarity!

Wild-Heart Mystic Cassandra

Wild-Heart Mystic Cassandra will you use her Oracle-Tarot cards to give insight and clarity to what holds you back from reaching your dreams and desires. 

Oracle Cards, are guidance tools which are used to provide insight and a positive outlook for those seeking answers to their most inner questions.

Cassandra will use her gifts & deep understanding along with her tools and intuition to show you, your inner truths, bring to light your unconscious thoughts of trauma, issues and shadow aspects.

To find a pathway through to the path of joy, love & empowerment.


Oracle Card Readings are great for finding inspiration to move to the next level in your life

or to help clarify things going that you just cant see, by looking at it from a fresh perspective to step away from it and see it from a broader view.


Try it for some light hearted fun, you might be surprised by what comes about...

Reading as the Wild-Heart Mystic previously The Oracle

With over 35 years experience

Winnipeg Taboo Show

Radiance Gifts & Treasures

Soul Medicine

Miss Lonely Hearts Goddesses Group

Many Banquets, Bachelorette Parties & Private Functions

Oracle-Tarot Readings 30-60 minutes

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Zoom / Facebook Messenger / In Person

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