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Prioritize Your Well-Being!

“I must undertake to love myself and to respect myself as though my very life depends upon self-love and self-respect.” —Maya Angelou


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Let's Empower Your Well-Being!!!

Meet Our Wellness Consultant, Cassandra

Holistic Therapist & Self-Love Expert

Hello Sexy Souls,  

I am so glad you found your way here to Walking Thru Fire, Studio of Self-Love, Healing, & Empowerment. I have spent years creating a life and space that I don't need a vacation from, and now I want to share those same tools, lessons & knowledge with you.

My hope is that you too, will live the life you dream.

Every issue, problem or trauma starts and ends with you, you cant change what has happened, but you can decide how you move forward from whatever happened.

Aren't you tired of living in the sadness, confusion, the loneliness, the not enoughness or whatever energy, past trauma or issue that is robbing you from being your best you?

Are you ready to look in the mirror and see the amazing potential inside yourself shine thru?

Stop being stuck, scared, embarrassed, angry, hurt, living with shame, guilt, remorse and decide that no matter what happened to you, or what you did to cause harm to yourself or others that is no longer going to stop you from living your best life, being your true authentic sovereign soul,  full of love, compassion and complete unfiltered joy!

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it - Rumi


Cassandra Enns-Bullied - ANRS - Mbe.MedTeach. - CHt 

  • Holistic Therapist

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Energy Healer

  • Shamanic Priestess

  • Self-Love Goddess
  • FireWalking Badass

  • Ordained Minister of Divine Love

Self-Love for Real Change, on Every Level

physical ⚛︎ emotional ⚛︎ mental ⚛︎ spiritual ⚛︎ energetic



2024 Season
Online & In Person Events


Physical: Wellness Thru Flow & Chair Yoga

Emotional: Sisterhood Circles & Women's Gathering 

Mental: Self-Love Talk-Therapy

Spiritual: Rites & Ceremonies

Energetic: Energy Healing

The Journey Towards Wellness Begins With Self-Love.


Walking Thru Fire

Studio of Self-Love, Healing & Empowerment

Our Mission is to create high quality events that exceed expectation, are transformative & inspirational.​

Our Vision is to empower every person to see their truth, take off the masks and walk their soul story.​

Our Values are to walk in the highest degree of Love, Integrity & Compassion, while empowering all those we meet.

Wellness Tools We Specialize In For Your Well-Being

Cassandra offers Personalized Holistic Therapies, that are tailored to your unique needs and goals, to spark the light inside yourself.

With different tools and compassionate guidance you will learn to prioritize your own needs, and establish healthy habits that promote self-love. 


Let's work together to help you achieve your full potential and living your best life!










Holistic Therapist

Talk Therapist

Life Coach



Ways We Can Support Your Well-Being

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10 Secrets to Healing Yourself - Health Secret #2 

You can heal yourself, but you can’t do it alone. To say that you can heal yourself is sort of a misnomer. The body knows how to heal itself. It is perfectly equipped to repair broken proteins, fight foreign bodies or infectious agents that penetrate the body’s barriers, and kill the cancer cells we all make every day. But the scientific evidence suggests that you need the care of a healer to facilitate the self-healing process - which should be good news, not just for patients, but for the medical establishment. We need not be threatened by the body’s ability to heal itself. The data suggests that, as doctors, patients NEED us. But they need us to be a healing force, not a force of fear or pessimism.

We need doctors to offer positive belief and nurturing care, rather than threatening us with negative news, which merely enables the nocebo effect. This healer who facilitates your self-healing journey need not be a doctor. It could be an alternative medicine provider, a nurse, a therapist, or a life coach. The key is to find someone who can nurture you, listen to you, love you, spend time with you without rushing you, avoid projecting their own limiting beliefs and fears onto you, and genuinely believe in your ability to care for your own body.

Keep in mind that I’m not suggesting you should withhold Western medical treatment. By all means, if you’re in a car accident, get thee to a trauma center! If you break a bone, let your doctor set it. If you have a severe bacterial infection, accept the antibiotic. And if you have cancer, let them reduce your tumor burden so your body can naturally fight the rest of the cancer cells. Combining Western medical treatment with self-healing techniques can only make your chance for cure greater. Never underestimate the body’s capacity to enable spontaneous remission when you choose to live in alignment with your truth. Dr. Lissa Rankin - Mind Over Medicine

I am trained and have a true belief in the biology that we can heal ourselves with the support of people who love us, a staff of trained Healers including DR. holistic therapist, spiritual guide, energy practioners, movement guides... etc. that all truly want for your highest good. It takes a villiage to raise and support us all as we heal, and grow.

I would love to join you, on your healing journey, be a member at your healers table and support you while you heal. Hollistic Therapist Cassandra

These Amazing Women Prioritized Their Well-Being?

Love Notes; 

Cassandra is definitely one of a kind. She "knows" how to put herself first and give herself self care. BUT.... that doesn't mean she does it often. She is always putting others' needs ahead of her own. I'm a very private person, and somehow, she always manages to get me to open up and get to the root of things. Cassandra is honest and empathetic . Somehow, she just knows exactly what I need no matter the situation. Humor, kindness, bluntness, compassion. She is one of the most caring and hard workers that I know.

- Catherine M.

Cassandra has been nothing but love and light since the day I met her.

So blessed to call her my friend.


Cassandra married my hubby and I in our back yard. She guided us through our day with ease and love.

So thankful for ALL that she did for us.


Firewalk; What Cassandra and Dale did yesterday was out of this world life changing for me and just what I needed. Truly feel so blessed to know you both. Thank you

My fire walking testimony. 

I just want everyone to KNOW what this night has done for me. I did not know what to expect when I booked this but I knew I needed it. I was in dire need of healing, knee deep in grief and pain. I walked over that fire and left all that no longer served me. Healing. Yes. The gifts of that day are STILL coming. There is SO much more to this than walking fire. Forever changed, forever grateful to Cassandra and Dale for helping me light my eternal flame. There is no going back.

- Leslie B.

"You are the best, I admire your courage and your strong voice, I love how you walk into the room and everyone can feel your power even if you can't, your light brings people out of their darkness when they get lost in it !! Thank you!!"​

- Cherie B.

Goddess workshop: It was the #realtalk I needed to illuminate where I was on my path, the support group I needed to unravel, and excavate old habits and patterns that no longer served my movement forwards and was able to let them go compassionately. This work was nurtured by making friends with my shadow aspects, my darker traits that have lingered in the dark cast of shame, Cassandra and the group allowed me to hold space for my whole self as a multidimensional person that is worthy, loved and cared for, abundantly. Cassandra’s direct approach encourages an unbridled sense of honesty to emerge, shocking as it may be at times this is the cornerstone of becoming authentic, and owning our lives.

- Lindsay P.

Wpg MB

“The Goddess Warrior training has completely changed the way I see myself as an individual, mother, and fellow woman. I’m more confident, empowered, and connected to my authentic self. I believe it’s something every woman would benefit from experiencing, at any stage in life.” 

- Kayla 

Wpg MB

“Warrior Goddess Workshop: 

Thank you for forcing me to talk for five weeks. :) It was an enlightening experience and helped me see choices I've made in life from a different and healthier perspective. ”

- Ghislaine

Wpg MB

"First of all Cass! For leading us all to healing and strength...... I cannot thank you enough! You have no idea the gift you have given me in giving myself this strength and trust!!!! Fierce!!!!!!!
To my sisters who broke boards and walked fire with me...... thank you for trusting me enough to walk over fire with me, and trusting yourself! I am honoured to have gone through this with you!
Also my sisters thank you for pushing me to go first and, in a sense, lead you through the board breaking and fire walking. I don't have that trust and confidence in myself but you pushed me to take that on.
I appreciate each of you and will never forget the gifts you have given me!"

- Shawna L.

 "Such an awesome night! Unexpected and much needed!!

Thanks so much Cassandra Enns Bullied, I think we all needed it more than we realized!! 

👣🔥👣🔥👣  and thanks Shawna for making me go lmao we're all insane.
#boardbreak #firewalking #summersolstice #earthairfirewater" ​

- Tracy P.

"Firewalking was such an amazing experience. Thank you so much Cassandra Enns Bullied for having us and giving us all a night that wasn’t expected, but definitely needed ❤️"

- Brittany F.

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Let's Prioritize Your Well-Being!!!





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