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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror work is strangely confronting, undeniably intimidating, a little embarrassing … but also profoundly healing. Of all the inner work practices available to us in the 21st century, mirror work is one of the simplest and most powerful.

Mirror Work as a Portal into Your Soul

The eyes are the mirrors to the Soul as the old saying goes,

and mirror work gives you direct access to that deeper part of you.


Mirror work is deceptively simple but tremendously empowering. So much healing work can be done by simply looking at yourself in the mirror and expressing self-loving affirmations.

One of the most amazing side benefits of mirror work is how it impacts your relationships. By learning how to love yourself more, life becomes more harmonious and your connections with others can improve significantly. It’s true that love for self equals love for others. But you

don’t have to believe me – try mirror work yourself!

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