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Sacred Sisters
Self-Love Circle

Supported in sacred Sisterhood, surrounded by deep feminine love, you have permission: to accept and love yourself, and let go of self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-judgment.

Let your eternal spark glow and your voice he heard.

Join Me Now

I invite you into sacred space to weave and connect with yourself through the sacred presence of other women. We will co-create a safe container where you and your fellow sisters have permission to be your most authentic, empowered, beautiful selves, where you are held up and fully seen by all the women in our circle. During this sacred time, you will have permission to drop all the labels, roles, and identities that have become associated with you, so you can remember and reclaim who you really are, and who you desire to be.


Gathering in a sacred circle gives you the opportunity for self-reflection and deep connection (with self and others). It is healing for your heart and soul. It gives you a chance to share your most authentic self, your own Herstory - how you came to be who, where, and how you are, within the broader society and your own life.


In this particular circle, we will explore the "sisterhood wound", which manifests as jealousy, judgment, criticism, competition, and mistrust in our relationships with other women, especially when we were young girls. More often than not, we have been on both sides of the sisterhood wound - we have been deeply hurt by and have also deeply hurt other women. We may not even be fully aware of all the times we contributed to wounding another sister and the impacts this has had on us, both subconsciously and energetically.


We come together in this circle to begin to heal these deep wounds; to reclaim our voice, our emotional expression, and our sensuality; and to start showing up differently in the world. There is no better antidote for the pain and trauma perpetuated by women against other women than to gather women in sacred circles and share deep love and reverence for one another. We heal ourselves, each other, our ancestors, and future generations just by sitting together in this sacred way.


Supported in sacred Sisterhood, surrounded by deep feminine love, you have permission: to accept and love yourself, and let go of self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-judgment.

Let your beautiful eternal spark glow and your voice he heard.

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Sacred Sisters Self-Love Circle

Welcome, Beloved

I’m so grateful our souls reunited us here.

You made it here! Whatever led you here, we’re delighted to welcome you to our tribe of beautiful people committed to walking our self-healing journey together.

Some of us are here because we’re healing from illness, injury, or trauma. Some are healing from a broken heart or loss of a loved one. Some are healing from depression, anxiety, addiction, or PTSD. Many are also healers looking for a place for our love to land as we express our gifts in the world. Some are patients, some are doctors and nurses, some are energy healers and shamans, but all are equal here, with no hierarchy at the Healing Round Table where we all tune into, connect, and follow the guidance of our Inner Pilot Lights.

Let our journey together begin.



Sacred Sisterhood Circle is for building stronger, deeper connections with you, as well with other women. Its a Sacred Space for getting to know yourself, finding better ways to communicate, it's about learning to know & speak your truth. It's about opening yourself up & taking ownership of yourself, your body and what you want out of life. Its a space to build heart led friendships, where we lift each other up & support one another.

Every month we gather online to hold space for a group of women to connect and share from a safe space anchored in love and healing. Every circle has a different energetic theme.


Sisterhood Circles are a space created for women to deeply connect with other like-minded spiritual sisters. It's a container to feel safe, supported and loved while being able to freely express your emotions and share your spiritual journey as you expand together.




Women seeking a deeper connection to their BODY, MIND & SOUL in a safe and supported sacred space to journey into self-exploration.

Soul support & Energy Healing

I look forward to working with you to deepen your connection and alignment with Self, Sisterhood, and Your Eternal Spark!

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