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Our Mission is to create high quality events that exceed expectation,

are transformative & inspirational.

Our Vision is to empower every person to see their truth, take off the masks and walk their soul story.

Our Values are to walk in the highest degree of Love, Integrity & Compassion,

while empowering all those we meet.

The Story of Us


Dale Bullied


Cassandra Enns-Bullied

Dale & Cassandra


A 30 year journey of walking the path less traveled...

The Day We Met was April 1, 1991 (yes, April Fool's Day).

Our first home together was a country shack with no hot water and no heat -

our baths were heated with a cattle iron and it was the 1990s, not the 1920s!

We were really excited when we moved 'up' to a tiny apartment with

full-on indoor plumbing.  :) Since then we've been through several homes, 

added four babies and now four grandbabies.

Our life together has held so much happiness

but also what feels like more than our share of loss and grief - 

multiple accidents, house fires, diseases, surgeries and loved ones gone too soon. 

In a critical turning point, it felt especially unfair when in 2015

our three-story house burned to the ground and was a total loss.


And absolutely, we were angry. We were bitter.

But we chose to keep our focus on healing 

and living an empowered life, and in 2017

we traveled to the US together to become certified in

Walking Through Fire.

We credit this empowerment and vision that in 2020,

we were able to move to our Forever Home in Winnipeg Beach.

We've planted memorial trees along with ideas, cleared our space, 

changed the landscape, and built our new WTF Event Center.

We brought new life into our now Happy Place!

We want to share what worked for us, lead you to deeper conversation with yourself

and the reflective tools that are your mirror in becoming even stronger.



Welcome to Walking Thru Fire



To walk through fire, is to face any peril. 

 "When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,

nor shall the flame scorch you.

That flame is not meant to burn you.

It is meant to purify you." Isaiah 43:2

Walking Thru Fire
Speaking Events

Walking Thru Fire
Instructor firewalk, saber duel, MSR

Warrior Training Facility

Sensei Dale


Walking Thru Fire Events



"You are the best, I admire your courage and your strong voice, I love how you walk into the room and everyone can feel your power even if you can't, your light brings people out of their darkness when they get lost in it !! Thank you!!"

Cherie B Wpg

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