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Wisdom Wednesdays with Cassandra

Weekly Human Design Workshops Online: starting May 10th



Wednesday Afternoon 1pm - 3pm or Wednesday Evening 7pm - 9pm

$22.00 per Workshop


  1. What Makes Up Your Human Design Profile

  2. Discover Your Soul Purpose / Life Purpose

  3. 9 Keys of Self - Your Centers Open or Defined

  4. Gates, Circuits, Singles or Splits - How Do I Run

  5. The G Center - Heart - The I Am Path

  6. You Are The Story You Tell Yourself

  7. Imprinting/Genetics/Ancestors/DNA/Past Lives

Cassandra’s mission with Walking Thru Fire is to help everyone to shine brightly for who they truly are. My Soul Purpose is to Empower Others to have a Love of Self  & Share my Passion of all things that Inspire. 

Through workshops, retreats, one on one therapy, or a combination of each, the goal is always to see your own sovereign power and truth.


Human Design
Map to Understand Your Genetic Nature 


Human Design

is a snapshot of your unique energetic blueprint - much like a fingerprint.

Human design shows you how you receive and transmit energy. It also describes your personality and soul imprints (conscious and unconscious). You can uncover your strengths, weaknesses, motivation, super powers and what you are here to be wise about. In short, it helps you understand who you are at a mechanical level.

Life Purpose; Not What You Do, It's Who You Be!

"These teachings have given me the answers to the path I had been blindly walking my entire life, clarity and a deep sense of understanding, enlightenment and an even greater alignment within myself.

I cant say enough of how in love I am with these teachings, with knowing ME, understanding my Life Path and helping others unlock their Divine Blueprint." Cassandra

What is Human Design in simple terms?

Much like astrological birth charts, Human Design is a system based on your exact time, date, and place of birth. However, this information doesn't just map where the planets were in the sky when you were born like a birth chart. Human Design also identifies your dominant chakras to create your personal body graph.

Human Design is a philosophy combining:

The I Ching
Hindu-Brahmin chakra system
Quantum physics
Your Body Graph, or Human Design Chart, is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic design. On a practical level, Human Design philosophies act as great tools to guide you to making correct decisions for the most meaningful life experiences.

We all come from the same source and possess the same spark of Divine within us.

No one person has more or less of it. A single Spark contains the totality of Source/God/Universe.


Your Divine Blueprint is the filter from which that internal spark of Divine manifests into the world. Learning about your personal Divine Blueprint (Human Design) is a wake-up call.

Human Design chart contains amazing information about you.  It shows how you make decisions that are correct for you and in alignment with your life – yes there is a way for you to make correct decisions that will line you up with Universal (and your) Intention.

It shows you how you best use your energy – some of us are built to go hard and/or fast.  Some of us are not and can get totally overwhelmed by those that are.  For those people, understanding how to manage their energy can revolutionise their life experience.

There are some of us that are here to know others rather than to know ourselves.

Human design shows you how and where you take in the energy of others and where you might actually affect other people’s energy.

It shows you how you might have been “conditioned” away from the truth of who you really are.


The first thing you look at in your chart is your Energy Type.

There are five main types, and each has different way of bringing in opportunities

and flow into their life. How does your energy affect others and where do others effect you. 

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