Wild-Heart Mystic * Self-Love Priestess

Cassandra Enns-Bullied CHT

Always Take the Moment to
"Just Breathe"
Open - Expand - Release - Let Go

Empowerment Coach, Event Facilitator, FireWalk Instructor, Speaker, Priestess, Guide 

Empowering Women in Life, Love & Relationships

The many aspects of cassandra







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Certified In The Following:

(all in person schooling/online live by accredited schools & teachers)

  • Hypnotherapist CHT

  • Breathwork Instructor/Guide

  • Talk Therapist

  • Essential Skills Effective Communication & Conflict Management

  • Relationship Guide & Workshop Facilitator

  • Women's Life & Empowerment Guide

  • Warrior Goddess Workshop Facilitator - HeatherAsh Amara

  • Sistership Circle for Feminine Leaders - Sistership Circle -Tanya Lynn

  • Women's Thought Leadership Society - Woman Speak -KC Baker

  • One Women - Master Your Message To Millions SHARLA BROWN & JACQUIE SOMERVILLE

  • Sexual Health Workshop Facilitator - Women's Health Clinic Wpg

  • FireWalking & GlassWalking Instructor - F.I.R.E. Texas

  • Team Building, Advanced Goal Setting, Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

  • Breaking Through Fear, Overcoming Obstacles and Barriers

  • Time Line Therapy & NLP training

  • Past Life Regression Therapist

  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner

  • Shamanic Journey Practitioner (Power/Spirit Animal Retrieval)

  • "Melody Crystal Healer" Love Is In The Earth© (Crystal Grids/Healings)

  • Integrated Energy Healer® “Healing with the Energy of Angels”

  • Master in Usui & Karuna Reiki 

  • Wedding Commissioner & Hand Fasting Ceremonies Mb

  • Oracle Card Reader with Pendulum Guidance

  • Certified Aromatherapist - Ambrosia Apothecary

  • Anointing subtle, magic, chakra oils - Anointing Priestess

  • The Art & Science of Authentic Aromatherapy w/ Michael Scholes

Cassandra has taken many other classes, certifications, plus

Voting Member on many Volunteer Boards.

The 1st Chair in RM Woodlands Community Development Corporation 2016-2018

West Interlake Trading Company 2016-2021

Manitoba Goddess Festival Core Organizer Team 2012

Love Priestess since 2006

Aphrodite's Adult Boutique Business Owner 2007 - Dec 2012

Full Time Mom 1991-2019

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 "Cassandra - You are such an individual!!!!! You know what you want to do and don't care what other people think!!!!

You are beyond strong Momma bear!!!! You don't take the world at face value you dig deep and read what is underneath!!

You take chances and help others grow. You are a giver!!!! And I learn from you all the time!!!" Shawna

"First of all Cass! For leading us all to healing and strength...... I cannot thank you enough! You have no idea the gift you have given me in giving myself this strength and trust!!!! Fierce!!!!!!!
To my sisters who broke boards and walked fire with me...... thank you for trusting me enough to walk over fire with me, and trusting yourself! I am honoured to have gone through this with you!
Also my sisters thank you for pushing me to go first and, in a sense, lead you through the board breaking and fire walking. I don't have that trust and confidence in myself but you pushed me to take that on.
I appreciate each of you and will never forget the gifts you have given me!" Shawna

"Such an awesome night! Unexpected and much needed!!

Thanks so much Cassandra Enns Bullied, I think we all needed it more than we realized!! 

👣🔥👣🔥👣  and thanks Shawna for making me go lmao we're all insane.
#boardbreak #firewalking #summersolstice #earthairfirewater" - Tracy

“The Goddess Warrior training has completely changed the way I see myself as an individual, mother, and fellow woman. I’m more confident, empowered, and connected to my authentic self. I believe it’s something every woman would benefit from experiencing, at any stage in life.” Kayla

"Firewalking was such an amazing experience. Thank you so much Cassandra Enns Bullied for having us and giving us all a night that wasn’t expected, but definitely needed ❤️" Brittany

Goddess workshop: "It was the #realtalk I needed to illuminate where I was on my path, the support group I needed to unravel, and excavate old habits and patterns that no longer served my movement forwards and was able to let them go compassionately. This work was nurtured by making friends with my shadow aspects, my darker traits that have lingered in the dark cast of shame, Cassandra and the group allowed me to hold space for my whole self as a multidimensional person that is worthy, loved and cared for, abundantly.

Cassandra’s direct approach encourages an unbridled sense of honesty to emerge,

shocking as it may be at times this is the cornerstone of becoming authentic, and owning our lives." Lindsay

“Warrior Goddess Workshop: Thank you for forcing me to talk for five weeks. :) It was an enlightening experience and helped me see choices I've made in life from a different and healthier perspective. ” Ghislaine