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Reverend Cassandra Enns-Bullied CHT


In Crisis Remember to Always Take a Moment to

"Just Breathe"

Open - Expand - Release - Let Go

Reverend Cassandra Enns-Bullied: Certified in Empowerment Speaking, Hypnotherapy,

Talk-Therapy, Life Coaching, and Fire-Walking Instruction. Plus so much more…


To walk through fire is to face any peril.


The mission of Walking Thru Fire is to help women to shine brightly as who they truly are.

Through workshops, retreats, one on one therapy, or a combination of each, the goal is always to see your own sovereign power and truth.

Cassandra Enns-Bullied loves working with everyone from teens to elders, especially women, helping them move through personal issues to see past the masks they wore and still wear and the stories that they have believed. With her vast body of knowledge, innate skills and lived experience, she has a passion to use her natural understanding and gift to help guide women out of trauma and fear

to find their own personal Eternal Spark.


"When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you.

That flame is not meant to burn you. It is meant to purify you." Isaiah 43:2

The Eternal Spark, can be found in the essence of everyone...

Accredited Certified In The Following:

  • Event Co-ordinator 2022 - MTEC Winnipeg (

  • Ordained Minister - Divine Love 2022  (non-denominational) 

  • Wedding Commissioner for MB 2008

 Therapy / Coaching / Guiding

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 2022

  • Integrating Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) 2021

  • Accredited Master Life and Leadership Coach 2021

  • Accredited Professional Life and Empowerment Coach 2020

  • Women Empowerment Life Coach - 2020

  • Happiness Life Coach - 2019

  • Relationship Coach - 2019

  • Life Purpose Coach - 2019

  • Relationship Guide & Workshop Facilitator 2018

  • Women's Life Coach 2018

  • Breathwork Instructor 2020

  • Hypnotherapist (CHT) 2012

  • Time Line Therapy 2012

  • Gene Keys Guide - Activation, Venus, Pearl Sequence 2021/22

  • Sexual Health Workshop Facilitator - Women's Health Clinic Wpg 2018

  • Warrior Goddess Workshop Facilitator 2015

  • Sacred Circles Facilitator 2012

 Motivational Speaker

  • Women's Thought Leadership Society - Woman Speak - KC Baker 2019

  • One Women - Master Your Message To Millions 2020

 FireWalk Empowerment

  • FireWalking Instructor - F.I.R.E. Texas 2017

  • Broken Glass Walk Instructor

  • Board Break /Arrow Snap Instructor

  • Breaking Through Fear, Overcoming Obstacles and Barriers

  • Team Building, Advanced Goal Setting, Eliminating Limiting Beliefs


  • Shamanic Journey Practitioner (Power/Spirit Animal Retrieval) 2015

  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner 2014

  • Shamanic Past Life Regression Therapist 2013

  • "Melody Crystal Healer" Love Is In The Earth© (Crystal Grids/Healings) 2014

  • Registered Karuna Reiki Master 2014 

  • Integrated Energy Healer® “Healing with the Energy of Angels” 2013

  • Usui Master 2012


  • Certified Aromatherapist - Ambrosia Apothecary 2012

  • Anointing subtle, magic, chakra oils - Anointing Priestess 2015

  • The Art & Science of Authentic Aromatherapy w/ Michael Scholes 2017

​ ​


  • The 1st Chair in RM Woodlands Community Development Corp. 2016-2018

  • Essential Skills Effective Communication & Conflict Management 2017

  • West Interlake Trading Company 2016-Present

  • Manitoba Goddess Festival Core Organizer Team 2012

  • Aphrodite's Adult Boutique Business Owner & Soul Operator 2007 - 2012

  • Oracle Card Guidance 25+ years; Wild-Heart Mystic

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