Reverend Cassandra Enns-Bullied CHT


Angelic Wild Fire - Wild-Heart Mystic

Always Take the Moment to
"Just Breathe"
Open - Expand - Release - Let Go

Reverand Cassandra,

Healer, Way Show'er & Gatekeeper:

Angelic Wild-Fire - Wild-Heart Mystic


Walking Thru Fire

where we take long swims in the emotions of our shadow, test our tender heart & listen to the inner knowing of our sacred souls.

We are the Beings that are here to tell the stories of all amazing, beautiful, strong, passionate souls that have come before,

we are here to remember, to remind the world of the strength that the masculan & feminine when in balance in ourselves, in the worldtruly does possess...

We are apart of the change that is stronger, braver & louder than ever!

Priestess - Queen - Rebel - Vixen - Warrior - Fire Keeper - Oracle - Healer - Mother - Grandmother 


The Eternal Spark, is found in the essence of everyone...

Our Event Team is called Eternal Spark, as the spread fire everywhere they go

I walk the path of love, I am love, I honor the true essence of everyone inside & outside my presence.

I walk the path of nature, cycles, rhythms, ancient systemsthe sacred spaces where the masculine & the feminine both were honored & valued for the gift each of is.


Healer of the Heart, Mind & Soul, blessed with the tongue of conversation, the mind of understanding and heart of love, compassion & kindness.

I am a Gatekeeper for The Divine...

I Walk The Path of Love

Certified In The Following:

(all in person schooling until 2020 online live by accredited schools & teachers)

  • Event Co-ordinator 6/8/2022   - MTEC Winnipeg (

  • Reverend - Alliance of Divine Love 1/1/2022

  • Wedding Commissioner for Mb 2008

  • Gene Keys Guide - Activation, Venus, Pearl Sequence 2021/22

  • Breathwork Instructor/Guide 2020

  • Hypnotherapist CHT 2012

  • Time Line Therapy & NLP training 2012

  • Talk Therapist - Multiple Courses 2000

  • Essential Skills Effective Communication & Conflict Management

  • Relationship Guide & Workshop Facilitator

  • Women's Life & Empowerment Guide

  • Warrior Goddess Workshop Facilitator - HeatherAsh Amara 2015

  • Wild-Heart Circles (Red/White Tent) 2012

  • Women's Thought Leadership Society - Woman Speak -KC Baker 2019

  • One Women - Master Your Message To Millions 2020


  • Sexual Health Workshop Facilitator - Women's Health Clinic Wpg 2018

  • FireWalking & GlassWalking Instructor - F.I.R.E. Texas 2017

  • Team Building, Advanced Goal Setting, Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

  • Breaking Through Fear, Overcoming Obstacles and Barriers

  • Shamanic Past Life Regression Therapist 2013

  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner 2014

  • Shamanic Journey Practitioner (Power/Spirit Animal Retrieval) 2015

  • Integrated Energy Healer® “Healing with the Energy of Angels” 2013

  • "Melody Crystal Healer" Love Is In The Earth© (Crystal Grids/Healings) 2014

  • Master Usui 2012 - Master Karuna Reiki 2011 - Master Hands on Healing

  • Oracle Card Guidance 25+ years ; Wild-Heart Mystic

  • Certified Aromatherapist - Ambrosia Apothecary 2012

  • Anointing subtle, magic, chakra oils - Anointing Priestess 2015

  • The Art & Science of Authentic Aromatherapy w/ Michael Scholes 2017

  • Cassandra has taken many other classes, certifications, plus

  • Voting Member on many Volunteer Boards.

  • The 1st Chair in RM Woodlands Community Development Corporation 2016-2018

  • West Interlake Trading Company 2016-2021

  • Manitoba Goddess Festival Core Organizer Team 2012

  • Love Priestess since 1994

  • Aphrodite's Adult Boutique Business Owner & Soul Operator 2007 - Dec 2012

Cassandra has spent the last 25 years learning, growing and walking a spiritual path, which naturally turned into a very success business. Cassandra has taken many other courses and workshops to hone her skills, the programs listed above are her certifications and business credentials.

Cassandra runs events, retreats and workshops in person and online and is working towards her full certification in being an Event Cordinator. 

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"You are the best, I admire your courage and your strong voice, I love how you walk into the room and everyone can feel your power even if you can't, your light brings people out of their darkness when they get lost in it instead of working through it!! Thank you!!"

Cherie B.