Wild -Heart Goddess

Who Is A Wild Heart Goddess?

A Wild Heart Goddess is a woman who has survived struggles, who has held the hand of the dying, seen the gift of life,

 someone who has been through large emotional pain, who has lived life, paid bills, broke rules, past drama, had disappointment,

known  rejection but their heart is still loving and strong.  

1. Wild-Heart Women have no limits in achieving what they want.

If they put their minds and hearts into something, odds are they are going to succeed.

When somebody says she can’t do something, she takes it as a challenge and answers with two simple words: “Watch me!”.


2. She craves a journey.

Along with the wild heart comes a free spirit and a soul eager to take on a new journey.

She likes meeting new people, hanging out, traveling, dancing, trying new things… There are no limits.

She lives life to the fullest with her wings widespread, ready to fly at any given moment.


3. She embraces chaos.

Somehow she is able to find order in chaos. She’s been through a lot and she learned to take it all in.

She is aware that not everything can be good all the time and that hard times will pass 


4. Heartache hasn’t made her bitter.

She is still able to love, even though her heart has many scars.

Those scars were the wounds that healed and made her stronger and wiser.


5. She follows her intuition.

She learned to rely on her gut feeling, inner knowing that little voice. it has steered her through troubles, relationships and life choices.

6. She is very creative and artistic.

She can make seemingly unattractive things incredible in a matter of moments. She just needs to feel inspired.


7. She finds beauty in everything, as different is what make us beautiful and unique.

She likes people the way they are and she never tries to change them because she would never allow anyone to change her.


8. She creates a world that fits her.

She doesn’t like chains or restrictions of any kind. She is not concerned with societal rules – she has rules of her own.


Her morals are high and she has an intense ability to distinguish right from wrong.


9. Her eyes are deep and her smile divine.

Her wild heart is reflected through her smile – it’s simply radiant. She even manages to pull it off when a situation is not so fine.


10. A partner she loves shouldn’t try to tame her.

She needs a lover who can keep up with her, one wise enough to let her be herself, one that encourages her to dream big.

She needs someone to hold her just right – enough that she knows, feels love and support.

I pledge to the women of the world…

To cultivate sacred sisterhood, honoring myself, you, and all women.

I will take a stand for our rights, safety, well-being & equality, ensuring you & I are both treated with kindness and respect.

I will support you in remembering your truth, seeing your gifts, beauty & wisdom

– connecting to your purpose & dreams.

I will value you and support you in valuing yourself through claiming your worth, wisdom, right compensation, self-care, boundaries & needs.

Global Sisterhood

"Just Breathe" 

 “I do enough. I have enough. I am enough!” 
The goal is to give women a place to explore, take some time to be free and engage in open conversations about everything and anything in a safe space and while making Wild-Heart Friends.


Just take a deep breath and disengage

from the day to day grind of life to have fun, 

while getting empowered & enjoying self care.

It is up to us to step into the divine feminine.

The shift is happening, the feminine is rising, our world is craving for balance.

We all have the power to step into the highest expressions of ourselves to create change.

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