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Walking Thru Fire Sanctuary

Honoring the Essence of Every Goddess




Her qualities—cooperation, love, humanity, unity, connection, peace, beauty, inclusion, and care

The Ancient Priestess has re-emerged in our consciousness to assist us and propel us into a new paradigm.

She has re-emerged so that we can return to the remembrance of our complete wholeness.



Cassandra, Guide & Gatekeeper: Walking Thru Fire Sanctuary,

where we honor the fire in everyone, take long swims in the emotions of our wild heart

& listen to the inner knowing of our sacred soul connection to the Divine.

We are the Beings that are here to tell the stories of all amazing, beautiful, strong, passionate women that have come before,

we are here to remember & remind the world of all the power & strength that the feminine truly does possess...

We are apart of the change that is stronger, braver & louder than ever!

Priestess - Queen - Rebel - Vixen - Warrior - Fire Keeper - Oracle - Healer - Mother - Grandmother 


The Goddess, can be found in the essence of every woman, what essence do you carry today...

I walk the path of the knowing, I follow my heart 1st, as I take warning from my mind & gut instincts.

I am a love priestess, I honor the essence of every Goddess inside & outside my presence. I walk the path of nature, cycles, rhythms, ancient knowledge

stories of red tents, sacred spaces where the masculine & the feminine both were honored & valued for the gift each is.

I am Blessed with the gift of smell, feel & flora energy to mix that which I am inspired to create to anoint, bless & heal, I am a Reiki Master, a Healer of the Soul, Heart and Mind, blessed with the tongue of conversation, the understanding when to call you on your shadow, how to ask the hard question from a loving place.

I am an Emotional Empath, that has allowed me to feel another's essence, pain & trauma, plus so much more.

I am Priestess, Listener of Whispers, Gatekeeper to The Divine... I Walk The Path, Of The Knowing




With looking back, one of the things I know is what it feels like to have support, love and compassion at my side, how good it feels when we are being held, supported in our crazy and pushed to live our dreams... I know what it feels to feel love from another, to love another, I also know what it feels to love myself... Eternal Bliss

I also know that as women we don't always do beautiful things for ourselves, we don't always feel supported or loved, that we feel the world on our shoulders, that we never do enough, be enough, or offer enough, I also know that these feelings are deep inside us, from the trauma we carry, the choices we made,

the moments we stayed quiet, the moments we screamed to loud, all these voices inside our head... still


With all that being said to help inspire all the woman I know I am offering the gift of Self-Love Practices...  inspired by the Essence of the Goddess

The Whisper of Divine is being heard loud & clear, Love is something to be shared

Lets Ignite the Fires of Passion, Fuel it with Self-Love & Share it in Reckless Abundance

Priestess of Love, Passion & Empowerment!!

When we love ourselves, we stand up for ourselves, we place loving boundaries for our mind, body and soul... we do what is best for ourselves 1st!

Catch Me Live On Zoom for Circle, Moon Rituals & soon empowerment events!!!

Together We RISE. Collectively We THRIVE!

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Wisdom Traditions of the Feminine!

April 1st - 30th

Love, Passion & Empowerment

30 Days of Love

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