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Walking Thru Fire
Always Take a Moment to "Just Breathe" Open - Expand - Release - Let Go


Walking Thru Fire

Not Just What Casandra Does, Its A Metaphor of her Life...

Been There, And Truly Experienced A lot Of That... had the t-shirt..... but, it burnt.

I specialize in treating the mental and emotional systems through talk-therapy, breathwork, meditation, coaching and journaling.  

I utilize ancient practices, rituals, along with modern studies, which include hypnotherapy, gene keys and shamanic energy medicine, holistic coaching, firewalking, plus many empowerment modalities that recognize health to be mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual in nature.

Having lived through much in this life including teen mom, runaway, drop out, drugs, alcohol, risky behavior, anxiety, depression, lying, cheating, stealing, the chaos of various surgeries, multiple vehicle accidents, bf suicide, M.S./brain tumor, way too many deaths, home burning to the ground, marriages, divorce, multiple break-ins and much more…

I know what it is like to pull the blanket over your head, cry to exhaustion,

I know what its like to scream at the top of your lungs how much more pain can I take, or sit in silence for days wondering what next, what more is going to land at my feet as the people in your world seem oblivious, I know what it feels when every fiber of your being aches in sadness over the shame, guilt remorse of things we can’t change…  I also know what it feels like to be healed, loved, cherished, to be Grams to my beautiful 4 grandbabes, mom to my 4 amazing grown kids and I have been married for almost 25 years to my partner in life, and together we live in a beautiful space we created from the ground up, as to build a life never need a vacation from.

My purpose, drive and passion in helping individuals find their way through past trauma, embrace forgiveness and find their balance within, allowing for great healing which then gets reflected in their external world, and in return helps their families, friends and all beings heal, love, grow ...  Cassandra

Talk-Therapist - Transformational Empowerment - Meditation - Women's Circle



Having a Walking Thru Fire Moment...

Need to talk out an issue, work out a problem,

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just an ear outside your circle of family & friends.

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Sunday Night Meditation

Wild-Heart Mystic Cassandra is offering 90 minutes of

Personal Inner Reflection, Sharing, Intention Setting & a Guided Meditation to Center & Align You.


Every Sunday Night * 8pm

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Id Walk Thru Fire With You Any Day, Anywhere !

Walking Thru Fire

To walk through the fire 

(Script) to be exercised with severe afflictions

Face any peril.

‘He has been through a lot, and when a man is tested,

you don't know what he's made of until he really goes through fire.’

It's Your Time To Step Up & Play Full Out
Be Bold - Be Fierce - Be Authentic


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