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Glass-Walk - Arrow Break

Workshops & Seminars:



Low Ropes - Thinking out of the Box

Board Breaking - Breaking Barriers

Arrow Breaking - Power of Your Voice

ReBar Bend - Couples Trust Exercise

Glasswalking - The Eggshell Experience

Firewalking - The Ultimate Experience

In Their Seminars - you will learn to Identify and Overcome Fears, Obstacles, Barriers,

you will learn to Step Out Of The Box, Remove Labels,

Identify The Roles We Play & The Masks We Wear.

This experience includes a full day of examining all that makes you... You.

This transformative event will take you on a journey unlike anything you have experienced in your lifetime.

At the conclusion of this event, you will emerge as a stronger more confident person – with a degree of clarity previously unrealized.

From The Ashes, We Rose Empowerment is working hard to ensure that each participant emerges from this experience with the ability to attain their goals.

You will discover the authentic person within and see clearly a new outlook on life.​


Full Day Seminar

(8 hours)

 Begins Promptly at 1:00 pm until approx 10:30 pm.

Dinner & Late Snack are provided.

( water, ice tea, coffee & assorted teas available all day )

Larger Bookings Welcome, all prices listed are based on our facility in Gimli & Warren Hall

Corporate Group & Events

Our Team Will Travel

Please Email for Price and Info on other locations,

travel or anything else we can help you with.

* we do our best to reply within a 24 hours *


++ Being Present ++

Life is busy. We live in a world where we are expected to be busy. Being busy is often viewed as a way of measuring how successful we are. Being busy means we don’t actually take time to breathe. We stop noticing the beauty around us and within us. We are plagued by emails, social media and a need to be available 247.

At Firewalker's Canada Events this is your chance to really unplug and get off the grid in a truly lovely location.


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Low Ropes - Thinking out of the Box

A ropes course is a challenging personal development & team building activity.

It builds on working together, letting go of control & listening to accomplish the task at hand.

Arrow Breaking - Power of Your Voice

(Arrow Snapping)

When you think of an arrow, what sort of images does it conjure up for you?

When you think of the soft and supple part of your throat, you probably think of vulnerability and sensitivity.

When you combine the two thoughts (the arrow tip and your throat) it can bring up many fears.

Well fear no more, as this is one of the most powerful means to push through those fears, be empowered & reclaim your Strength of Voice.

Board Breaking - Breaking Barriers

The board or brick break is feasible regardless of physical strength or martial arts experience,

but requires 100% commitment and follow-through. This is the mentality of success.

ReBar Bend - Couples/Team/Family Trust Exercise

Rebar Bend is an excellent way to learn trust, how to work with another person when to push, when to halt, keeping eye contact, reading the other person, to be able to work as one unit.

Glasswalking - The Little Things Get You

Glass walking is about taking things slow, really feeling where you are and where you are going, its realising that it is the little things that get you, its about Being Present.

Firewalking - The Ultimate Experience

Firewalk in this case is used as a tool for enlightenment & empowerment.

Passing over a hot bed of red-hot coals unharmed is one of the most spiritual & empowering experiences of a lifetime.

The power of the firewalk is absolutely transforming to each person who “Walks on Fire”.