Fire vs Ice

Saber Dueling

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Book Saber Dueling For Your Next Wind-Up or Event

 Learn the fundamentals as you duel, we have a wide variety of sabers

as well as safety equipment

Single Saber: 24 inch blade - 32 inch blade - 36 inch blade

Great sport for everyone that enjoys a little competition

12+ years of age to battle


Looking for something fun, engaging with friendly competition,

and moderate physical activity...

then look no further, Saber Dueling is for you!

Strap on safety gear, grab a saber and you're ready to duel!

Saber Dueling Club

Single Saber: 24 inch blade - 32 inch blade - 36 inch blade

Exotics: 24 inch Dual Wield Blade & 60 inch Staff

Become apart of a club, with weekly meetups for dueling. $5.00 drop in fee each week

Please Feel Free To Wear Your Own Hockey Gear

Including Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves, Knee Pads, Groin Protection

(will provide equipment as equipments is a must to duel)

The French Fencing Federation has recognized lightsaber dueling as an official sport, reports the Associated Press. The federation has made the move in an attempt to make the sport more appealing to a younger generation, and it has designed its rules to make sporting matches every bit as visually appealing as their big-screen counterparts.

Obviously, that means participants are required to use an illuminated weapon, although they’ll have to settle for a “blade” made of polycarbonate rather than the magnetically-contained plasma of the films. While that means the weapons won’t be slicing anyone in half anytime soon, participants will still need to wear masks and armour to protect themselves during matches.