Cassandra spent her teens to her early 20's making life harder on herself and her loving family than needed, she took a road less or not traveled. She ran away from a good home cause she thought being a grown up was a better idea, no rules, do what you want, dream life right,  unfortunately that was not the deal at all, the story for many years was terribly scary, she was very unfair to herself, her family and to all those who loved her or tried to help.  

Cassandra became a mom at barely 15, to a beautiful little girl who is a special gift. Motherhood was wonderful for Cassandra for the 1st year of her daughters life until the reality of what was expected of adulthood got to be overwhelming, it seemed she wanted to be with her peers, having fun, going to parties, hanging out etc.  Cassandra fell back into bad behaviors not coming home, drinking, drugging, partying, having no regard for anyone including herself she was on a 3 year road of self sabatosh and terribly scary behavior...

Until 1 day a country boy saw potential in the broken city girl.

Their road was very bumpy and it took sharp turns without warning, they worked through the  return of Cassandra's unhealthy behaviors, everytime life/self esteem issues/past evil's haunted her and at other times life just dealt them crisis after crisis from miscarriages, accidents, loss of loved ones both young and old, adultery, a son that had no fear who made the worst choices, drugs, hospitals and near death experience.

We also opened our home to many teens with issues, to friends that left partners, to our daughter and her children, to our best friend whom had MS and dealt with all that came with for 15 years until his unexpected death from brain cancer.

Cassandra also dealt with adenomyosis, uterus collapse, twins after a tubal ligation, hysterectomy before 35, bladder surgery and more than one cancer scare. So many things came their way, much more than any one family deserves but Cassandra found she had a real nack for navigating through any crisis or issue, knowing just what to do and make sure everyone is looked after. No matter what life handed them they found a way to talk it out, ask for forgiveness, heal and try again. Too much of the time it was a roller coaster then little by little Cassandra and her husband grew up, started to really look at life, they both started to take responsibility for their lives and choices.

They made a choice to fight together, grow together and help others move through their issues.

Now 4 kids in and too many a crisis to name behind them, they are the strongest team, a true partnership, they still have the occasional issue but now they stand together, now thats not to say they don't fight but instead of a 3 round fight where no one wins, now its a conversation with the occasional 1 round argument and the occasional silent treatment while things are mauled over. The greatest thing they ever did for themselves and each other was learn to talk with each other, speak their truths and let their partner know how their needs.

Cassandra has spent her life since 17, in jobs where she has been able to interact and help people, by reading Oracle Cards, being a bartender, volunteering for events, having an open door policy to anyone she or her children knew.

Cassandra spent years listening to men, woman and teens wondering how to get a better life, partner, job, how their family saw them as disappointments, or how they had no idea what they wanted out of life etc...

Cassandra took those conversations to heart, along with her past issues she started to take classes on personal healing, different types of therapies, anything to help her own healing and help her to help her loved ones and those that frequented her home.

Cassandra was looking for a way to share her love and knowledge of sexuality when she started to throw home adult toy parties. Cassandra found she had a passion for helping woman take control of their sexuality, she loves talking about how to enhance people's sex lives, it is still one of her greatest joys and deepest passions. Cassandra loved throwing her parties, but with the number of parties she was booking she decided to give her parties a physical location she opened Aphrodite's Whisper Boutique.

Cassandra has over 20 years experience educating others in the enjoyment of sensuality & sexuality, through sexual education classes for adults, adult toy parties, years as owner of Aphrodite's Whisper Boutique or in one on one discussions in Talk Therapy.

Cassandra uses the combination of her past, the knowledge she gained and her education to help individuals and couples, whether it is in Talk Therapy, in her Women's Groups, or Seminars, she continues to educate and open conversations up everywhere.

Cassandra has found a passion in her work with women, helping them move past/through their

self-esteem, sexual &/or abuse issues into taking back their power and voice.

Everything Cassandra does is to hone her skills to become a greater Healer,

stronger Life Coach and better Group Facilitator, she is constantly taking classes to achieve more skills, to add more tools and find anything that she might be able to add to her tool box, to help and empower her clients. 


I have a desire, drive & true passion to help others work through their stuff so that they too can learn to put the past behind them, move forward with understanding of triggers & responsibility. I want to help others to be able to take a closer look at what they truly want in their lives, and help them find a direction that would fuel their soul.

There is no greater feeling than to no longer have your past dictate your future.

When you visit Firewalker's Canada Empowerment Business in Gimli you will see Cassandra really does have an eye for seeing so much more than is apparent, she sees the bigger picture in everything from decorating, to counselling to problem solving,

which she loves to indulge in all three..