The Story of Us

Finding Inspiration in Everything

I Lit My Eternal Spark, Walking Thru Fire

Mission Statement 

Our Mission is to deliver high quality functions, events & retreats that exceed expectation, are transformative, fun & inspire our guests  

Our Vision is to empower every person to see their truth, take off the masks and walk thier soul story.

Our Values are to walk in the highest degree of love, integrity & compassion while empowering all those we meet.


Dale is always creating, working with his hands and building what's in his mind, Dale has Created & Replicated many weapons for martial arts & has been giving certification from Japan to manufacture MSR Weapons as well as he created a new weapon for the art.

Dale has built pedal cars for his MS Bike Team Carmen's Cruizers as well as bikes for those with special needs. Dale loves to create & be apart of teams.

Dale Bullied



Cassandra & Dale met, fell in love, April 1 1991, yes April Fools Day and have been on an amazing journey ever since, they have 4 beautifully gifted adult children & 4 amazing grandbabies, their greatest love is watching their children & grandchildren grow and mature seeing all they will become.


Direct, honest, and unapologetic, Cassandra will show you how to release the layers of expectations to finally see yourself for the empowered, perceptive, authentic Person you really are.

Cassandra is trained in sacred leadership, one on one and group facilitation, to empower people to transform and grow.

Rev.Cassandra Enns-Bullied CHT
Goddess of Self-Love , Life & Relationship

Dale & Cassandra -  April 1, 1991

 yes, April Fool's Day

A 30 year journey, that happened by chance, walking the line of the path less traveled...

Dale and Cassandra have gone through so many ups and downs, been slapped upside the head by life, had to sit by and watch as heartache,

despair, loss, grief, house fire, flood, tornado, marriages, babies and multiple accidents contributed to the chaos that was their life.

Instead of becoming angry and bitter we turned to healing, exploring and getting to know each other, our own inner truths and that which is most important in life and how we want to live this life.

The journey has been difficult, overwhelming more times than we can count, our growth with each challenge has made us strong, has made our children strong and with that it has made us all the more grateful for the life we have built together and wanting to share the tools they used to survive, thrive and become even stronger.

We have spent years planning, months creating, now with the new sacred space we are ready to help facilitate healings, growth, honesty and learning.

We want you to have fun, push yourself, to lean in, play full out, look at the greater picture while learning who your authentic self truly is, in a safe, therapeutic, impactful experience...  Welcome to Walking Thru Fire

We moved into Our Forever Home, planted trees along with ideas,

we removed old trash, changed the landscape, and planted new life into our now, Happy Place.

We built this place from the ground up, to make our home ours, a vision come to life, now we are finally ready to add our addition to our space... W.T.F. Events

Walking Thru Fire

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Our  Beautiful Children

Yin/Yang Twins
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Fire & Ice these 2 lovelies are wherever they are needed, they do it all. The twins are alway around for everyone.

Darrien & Sierra

The Twins are here to Assist.


They do many behind the scene stuff that allow the business the ability to run workshops, seminars & events. 



was a year Youth Leader, is studying American Sign Language, her great loves are basketball & animals.

Darrien babysits for extra money & has a true love for kids ... little boys think she is the bomb, our true tomboy....


is a fun loving gal who loves color, studies MSR & is an Instructor for Turtles Class..

Sierra has studied dance, musical theatre & has a gift for drawing.

Sierra has a true gift for arts in all its forms...

Tori Patterson
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Tori Patterson



Working, Mother of 3 very busy kids,

married to her best friend Bryan

This gal is always on the go.

Running her daughter to cheer and her son the goalie to hockey while chasing a toddler... 

she is best daughter, mother, wife, big sister & aunt a family could have.

She is the heart of our family,

she just gives and gives and gives.

Fire Team

Blaine, Morganna

& Baby make 3

These 2 can be seen cutting wood, tending fire & pitching in wherever needed...

These guys aren't scared of a little dirt

Blaine & Morganna

Fire Keepers


Fun loving guy who has no fear, is willing to give anything a go, well almost anything.

He is our farm boy, cattle, tractors, crops, chopping down trees...

Farm Life, Living Off The Land with his beautiful wife, daughter & cat.

Morgan is the perfect partner for our country boy as she loves animals, gardening & getting dirty while taking great care of daughter "J" ,

the darn dogs, cows, ducks, chickens & Brahma Roasters.