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Reverend Cassandra Enns-Bullied CHT
1:1 - Life Coach - Therapy - Empowerment

Cassandra knows what it’s like to feel lost, confused, angry, depressed, done with life and not know where to go or what to do next. She spent so many years in chaos, pain, confusion and risky behaviour to say the least, she is the girl who’s been there, done, seen or been a part of that, whatever that is, she can almost certainly understand.

Are you ready to take Ownership & Responsibility for Your Life, to step out of the box that family, friends and society has helped you to create for your life. It's time to take a long look in the mirror and break through all the old ideals that have held you back. Its time to stop listening to the dictators that have been feeding you their lies, their stories and to start hearing your authentic truth, to move you into a life that fulfills you. 

Through life changing conversations, you'll discover an exhilarating world where anything and everything is possible. Journey with Cassandra on this truth finding mission, where you will be guided to overcome the fears that kept you from achieving your dreams, whether they were personal, professional or both. Together you'll discover your inner strengths, personal power and inner confidence and begin to believe that you can achieve anything you desire!

Cassandra comes to therapy/coaching with a different approach, she uses a combination of all her tools, including spiritual guidance, life-coaching, hypnotherapy, empowerment and open conversation to guide you to your truth.

What is Cassandra's Role of a Life Coach?
You might be asking yourself, what does a life coach do exactly?

The role of a life coach is to guide and support people in realizing their dreams.
A life coach provides a safe place to explore thoughts, feelings, emotions and goals.

A coach is a partner to walk through life with. One that holds no judgment, no ulterior motives and no attachment to your decisions. Coaches offer people the freedom to work through issues without the pressure to please anyone but themselves.

Life coaches are skilled and trained to unearth what holds people back from living their best lives, is focused on guiding the client to unlearning flawed communication styles that are embedded in our culture. Coaches listen for beliefs- not problems. They learn to ask questions, to reveal information,

they hold space, not wait to speak.

Qualified, certified life coaches are trained to ask appreciative questions to uncover potential and harness strengths to help clients achieve life-long change.

What Are 3 Key Points a Life Coach Can Help With?

When coming up with life-changing strategies,

there are 3 key points a life coach can help others with:

– Realizing “dreams”
– Personal Growth
– Making positive changes

A life coach is to partner with people to help them move past unconscious goals that are derailing their lives. Coaches use inquiry to draw out the feelings, thoughts and “noise” that get in the way of realizing goals. Life coaches are backed by holistic approaches to promote mind-body connection. They focus on well being to achieve fulfillment and purpose. Coaches are supported by tools, strategies and techniques that help them hone their craft and achieve powerful results for their clients. With a proven framework, certified coaches learn the skill of building momentum in coaching conversations to empower others to own their results all the while building momentum to change their behaviors and ultimately change their lives.


Other Skills that Fulfill The Role of a Coach:

Aside from training and certification, successful life coaches:
– Love to connect to others
– Are genuinely curious about others
– Have the desire to help others grow and succeed
– Are open-minded and self-managed
– Have a strong network of personal and professional contacts
– Are empathetic, kind, caring and thoughtful
– Have life experience that connects them to struggle, challenge and conviction
– Love to learn and are committed to self-growth


" It amazes me how many of us still keep our true beliefs and dreams hidden due to the unhappiness and judgement of how others may feel about our lives, decisions and ideals. We live the lives we think we should, instead of the lives we’ve dreamt of. We give away so much power and control to those that have no idea of who we truly are and the life we are wanting to create.


I have done so many things to fit in the box or smash the box, trying to prove something to someone including that someone being me. I have done what was expected mother, wife, daughter, friend and I have broken free and walked my own path. The one constant in both directions was I was criticized for not being enough for someone else’s vision of what it should or shouldn’t look like. When you look back on your life, did you make your choices on who you wanted to be, were you free to think anything was possible or were you surrounded by others who decided what was best for you? " Cassandra

Remember to Always Take a Moment to
"Just Breathe"
Open - Expand - Release - Let Go

All Conversations are Confidential.

Private - Personal - Professional Service

Accredited / Certified In The Following:

  • Ordained Minister - Divine Love 2022  (non-denominational) 

  • Wedding Commissioner for MB 2008

 Therapy / Coaching / Guiding

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 2022

  • Integrating Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) 2021

  • Accredited Master Life and Leadership Coach 2021

  • Accredited Professional Life and Empowerment Coach 2020

  • Women Empowerment Life Coach - 2020

  • Happiness Life Coach - 2019

  • Relationship Coach - 2019

  • Life Purpose Coach - 2019

  • Relationship Guide & Workshop Facilitator 2018

  • Women's Life Coach 2018

  • Breathwork Instructor 2020

  • Hypnotherapist (CHT) 2012

  • Time Line Therapy 2012

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