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Turtle Class

Mixed Martial Arts

Miss Sierra 

Sensei Dale


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Instructor Mr. Dale

Along With Miss Sierra

Martial Arts Instructor & Weapons Creator, 

Mr. Dale is loyal, honest, honorable, he has an unique & fun approach to teaching, while still upholding tradition, honor, respect & discipline...

The father of 4 and the grandfather of 4 Dale knows all to well, how important it is to teach

core values, agility, defence, coordination, collaboration & compassion.

Whether you are apart of his MSR Class or his Ninja Turtle Youth Class you will be inspired and empowered as you learn the many traditional & non-traditional Martial Art weapons & beliefs.

Mr. Dale has years of experience is many martial arts and is expanding his skills everyday to bring more to his students every week, Mr. Dale does not disappoint he is an amazing Instructor who loves to see others grow and develop their own skills.

Mr. Dale is also an Empowerment Coach, Group Facilitator,

Firewalking Instructor & co-owner of Walking Thru Fire - Firewalker’s Canada.

Mr Dale’s weapons are created under his business Whitelion Creations.

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