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 I will be Hosting on Zoom

Guided Meditation - BreathWork - Sharing Circle

1pm - 3pm - Wednesday Afternoon - 8 Weeks

8pm - 10pm - Free Sunday Nights 

90-120 minutes all about you


Starting September 8, 2021

Registration Opens Aug 12, 2021

Where is your Attention & Intention Flowing?

Sunday Nights we will be reflecting on that that no longer serve ours truest and highest good, burn away the residual tired boring not true self energy to make room for new empowered, enlighten & aligned growth…

We will end our evening with the tides of change, adding our droplet of inspiration into the wishing well of intention

so that the ideas can ebb and flow never knowing how truly far they may go…

8 Week Workshop Through The Chakra System

We will explore guided mediations and exercises based on the 7 Chakras with the final class aligning them together to run in full flow! 

  • FREE!!! Sunday Night Reflections & Intentions
    Multiple Dates
    Sun., Sep. 26
    Sep. 26, 8:00 p.m. – 9:45 p.m.
    90 minutes of personal inner reflection, sharing, intention setting, oracle readings, journal moments & guided meditations. Every Being gets a moment to speak their truth into the Cauldron of Reflection, releasing all that no longer serves their highest good.