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It Takes  Two


Couples Workshop

Dale and Cassandra went from talking divorce, arguing, fighting, sleeping in separate rooms,

to being stronger and happier than they ever thought possible.

They realised they hadn't put any energy or effort into their relationship, with a million excuses from

kids, to work, from expectations of that the other should know what was needed they had been together for years, to just thinking I said I do and I'm still here isn't that enough?

 The answer was NO!


It takes a great many things to make a relationship work and be healthy. 


How many hours in a day do you put into working on your relationship? How often do the two of you sit down and talk about your wants, your needs, your dreams and desires, what you want out of life?

How honest are you in your conversations, do you tell your partner where they strive, where they could do better, or what annoys you or do you stuff it and add it to The List, only to blow up or secretly resent them?


Do you spend more time complaining to your friends and family about your partner, instead of spending time with your partner finding ways to make your relationship stronger?

It Takes Two Seminar is an experience that will deepen your relationship, while opening up a broader, more comprehensive way to view relationship and your partner. It is for building stronger, deeper connections with your Partner, it's about getting to know yourself and your partner better, learning each other's love language, finding better ways to communicate.

 It's about putting in the time, learning how to show up and be present.

When was last time you and your partner went on a date, shut off your phones, didn't talk about kids,

jobs, house problems, money issues? 

Do you even remember how to talk, to have a real conversation, to listen while the other speaks, to really hear the words they are saying?

Do the two of you have future plans together, holidays, car trips, anything to look forward too?

Do you know your partner's favorite memory, what they daydream about, what's on their bucket list? 

It Takes Two is a one day event that touches on many aspects on how to start moving forward together and learning what makes ourselves and our partner truly tick.

 By playing games, talking about our love language, and "he said - she said" misunderstandings are examined.

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