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Walking Barefoot on a bed of Broken Glass...

Why would I want to walk barefoot on broken glass?
Face your fears. Stimulate your body. Healing. Empower yourself!

For me I loved walking on Broken Glass the sound as the pieces cracked & broke beneath my feet, step by step as I went across the glass, snap, snap, crackle, along with all sorts of sounds in-between, the experience was amazing, the feel was awesome and the energy it woke in me was beautiful...Its very interesting how very present you are walking across broken glass, every step thought out, every crack heard, every break felt. Oh The Sensation!!!

Glasswalk reminds us to be 100% present in every moment, as well is its easy to see the big things but its the small things that can really get you...  I love the Glasswalk, Cassandra

Why glass?

The sand commonly used to make glass is comprised of small grains of quartz crystals, made up of molecules of silicon dioxide, which is also known as silica. Glass is made from natural and abundant raw materials (sand, soda ash and limestone) that are melted at very high temperature to form a new material: glass.

Glass is made from sand and represents the element of air, earth and fire. Why is this important?

Because this glass will be purified and reprogrammed with energy for healing.

Broken glass may symbolize negativity, broken promises, shattered dreams, disappointments, etc. in life. May represent a broken heart or a relationship that has ended. Walking on broken glass may represent emotional pain you are experiencing in life or the difficulties and obstacles in your way in some aspect of life.

Physically, the benefits of walking on glass include relaxation and stimulation. This stimulations effects blood circulation and allows for the creation and repair of capillaries.

By helping with blood circulation, broken glass can heal heart related ailments, kidney problems, nervous system ailments and paralysis.

Walking on the glass is like having reflexology performed on your feet and directly effect organs within the body. You cannot massage the internal organs of your body, put you can activate their associated energy lines (meridians) by manipulating the external body.       Written by Shamanic Studies Thailand​


Do not try glasswalking without instruction from a certified instructor.

For those who have never experienced walking barefoot on broken glass, this activity requires total focus.

Unlike the firewalk that is briskly strolled across, the glass walk is done very slowly and deliberately. The lesson here is to pay 100% attention, the glass that one walks across is sharp and definitely has the ability to cut through human flesh.

 We have all, at one time or another stepped on a piece of broken glass and cut our foot. Those memories conjure up images of pain and fright. So why did we cut our foot on a single piece of glass and when we glass walk on 50 pounds of sharp pointed shards deliberately, we are able to make it across unscathed. The answer lies in deliberation. When we focus our minds on a single event, we are able to achieve things we once thought impossible. That is what the lesson is here.

Pay 100% attention, If you are paying complete attention to the task at hand the chances of being harmed are greatly decreased.

Have you ever had a splitting headache that is extremely painful and suddenly you are confronted with a more serious event. At once your focus and attention move to correcting the situation immediately and all of a sudden you realize that your headache has diminished or gone away completely. This is called “the power of focus”. When we focus on what’s not feeling good right now, guess what we get more of? Pain! When we know with absolute certainty that we will not be harmed we yield to the empowerment of total focus and are able to do things we once believed impossible. This is what the glass walk is all about. We move to a place in our mind of absolute certainty. A state of deliberate intention that gives us the ability to walk away unscathed.

The glasswalk serves as a very powerful and life changing metaphor... what you focus on, your energy is directed