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Board Break

In 2017 I broke my board and I was transformed, my thinking became clear, my emotions relaxed, well after I stopped crying, years of release washed through my body and I was finally able to leave the traumas of my past behind... Cassandra

How often do you put You... first?

How often do you sit down and think about your wants, your needs, your dreams and desires.

How honest are you in your conversations, do you talk truth or do you hold your thoughts back?

Do you let society, friends, family dictate what to do, who to be, where to live, whom to be with?

Wild-Heart Women!!!

It’s time to be Free

Free of shame. Free of fear. Free of limitations. Free to choose.

Free to be the brightest, most brilliant, creative, present, connected YOU.

Come join me on a journey to the true you.

Quieting your mind is an easy concept but not so easy in reality, if you are like most women

 you have a nasty voice in your head that compares, judges, and constantly criticizes you.


Why are we so hard on ourselves?

It takes courage to learn to stand up for yourself.

To speak your truth. To make boundaries. To become your own ally.

Imagine truly befriending yourself instead of tearing yourself down.

Imagine dedicating yourself to action and transformation.

Imagine finding your truth and living it out loud.

By becoming stronger, truer and more honest with yourself, you begin to see the only person you can truly do anything about is you, instead of judging, competing and comparing build yourself and other females around you up and by doing so you both become stronger women.


I look forward to helping you break through old patterns & fears with the Board Break

It is up to us to step into the divine feminine.

The shift is happening, the feminine is rising, our world is craving for balance.

We all have the power to step into the highest expressions of ourselves to create change.

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