Wild-Heart Talks


Talk Therapy - 2 Hour Sessions

I know what its like to feel lost, confused, angry, depressed, done with life and not know where to go or what to do next. I spent so many years in chaos, pain, confusion and risky behaviour to say the least. I'm the girl whos been there, done, seen or been apart of that, whatever that is, I understand.

Its not the what that is important is the feelings, emotions and triggers that comes with the whatever.

Wild-Heart Talk Therapy is a combination of life-coaching, hypnotherapy,

past-life regression and open conversation while sitting at a table having tea/coffee.

I, come to talk therapy with a different approach, I have a casual way of asking the hard questions in a direct honest way. I will guide you to see things in a different light, way or direction, I will guide you to understand your triggers, issues and trauma and how to move forward from it in a heathy manner.

I'm trained to help you deal with your negative feelings, to help anyone who is experiencing distress. Talk Therapy gives people the chance to explore their thoughts and feelings and the effect they have on their behaviour and mood. Describing what's going on in your head and how that makes you feel can help you notice any patterns which it may be helpful to change.

It can help you work out where your negative feelings and ideas come from and why they are there. Understanding all this can help people make positive changes by thinking or acting differently. Talk Therapy can help people to take greater control of their lives and improve their confidence.

I have a natural gift, years of learned skills, training and tools to help you, find a way to see through the chaos, hurt, pain and allow you to see yourself and your life for the true wonder it is. I will help you move past what has happened to you, and guide you through your memories, the feelings and emotions so that you will see your truth, which will lead you to live a fuller life.