The Yellow Brick Road


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Welcome to The Yellow Brick Road,

The Journey To Embrace the Gift of Shadow, Arrive at The Emerald Siddhi,

to Find Your Way Home - Divine Love


The Yellow Brick Road is a Workshop to help Unwind The Sacred Wound,

Where Every Step Takes You Deeper Inside Yourself.


If you are truly willing to embrace your shadow, see life for the amazing gift it is,

your world will begin to change with every inhale, exhale of breathe and step you take.

These teachings have changed my life, I felt like I received the answers to the path I had been blindly walking my entire life, clarity and a deep sense of understanding, enlightenment and an even greater alignment within myself. I cant say enough of how in love I am with knowing ME.

I believe working on just this transition piece will make such a drastic change in your life that you will never walk your path the same again, that your heart will be more open, your mind clearer, your soul fuller and you will be overall more open to the energy of the Universe.

One of my favorite things that I found hugely ironic and super funny is

 Im a Hypnotherapist, Fire Walking Instructor & about to become an Ordained Minister…

and I came across this quote... 

“You can have great spiritual intelligence and know nothing about spiritual matters.

You don’t have to know how to meditate or pray or walk on fire or any of that stuff. Richard Rudd”

Want to take things deeper or become certified? Like I did.

Purchase The Genes Keys & The Gene Keys Golden Path with online Courses - Certification

by Richard Rudd