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Cassandra Enns-Bullied CHT

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You NEED to give love to yourself first!

I believe when we feel we are truly supported, we have the ability to

heal old traumas, grow as a person and transform the life we are living.

Highly trained on many aspect of life, it kicked my ass and I'm here to tell the tale.

Make time and invest in you!

You need to give to others, from an overflowing cup.

Do you ask yourself why me, why does this always happen to me?

Am I ever going to find a partner, lover, friend or will my marriage ever get better?

Why can't I get a better job, promotion?

Why wont my career/business get off the ground?

Why Why Why

If these questions keep swirling around in your mind... 

Stop the merry go round, the crazy train, the stinky thinking...

 Let me help shine a flashlight to see through the chaos, hurt, pain, depression from past traumas, I have spent the last 20 years taking workshops and certifications to heal my own traumas, issues and losses and by doing so I have created my own Talk Therapy, Spiritual Healing Practice. 

I have many different tools and skills, I love to ask the hard questions in a direct and sometimes not so gentle way, I am here to help shine a light on that which has already happened, to give you a safe place to work through the issue, to see the black and white of it without the emotion clouding your view.

I will guide and aluminate things in a different light, Together we will find ways to move through your negative talk, past trauma, old behaviours and put your thinking into a positive direction and start living your life for the true wonder it is.


Talk Therapy

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Whether you see Cassandra for guidance, therapy, circles or a workshop, she finds a way to bring all the right tools to the table, she knows the way to use them for you to see things in a different light or new way.

Cassandra wont do the work for you, some days you may not like her, she will push you to find your inner truth, to face your demons and move forward from the past.

No matter what you face Cassandra is with you every step of the way, without judgement... Monica

—  Name, Title

To My Clients:

I want every person that I work with to know that they will have what they need to support themselves on their Journey,

with new tools and honest talk there isn't anything you cant get through.

No session will be the same as the next, it wont always be easy, I will push you to think outside the box,

to look at things from a different perspective or angle, no topic is too personal if it helps you heal.

“We're only as sick as our secrets” is an adage known well by those in AA.

It basically means that a secret kept in the dark grows and becomes more harmful, but once it is exposed to light or released, its power is lost.

I will work with you in a way that helps your growth, brings forth your truth & guide you through the trauma that is ready to be healed & released...

I look forward to our work together.

Certified In The Following:

(All In Person Schooling, by Accredited Schools & Instructors)

  • Hypnotherapist CHT - 2012

  • Breathwork - 2012 Practioner 1-1 -2021 Group Instructor

  • Time Line Therapy & NLP training - 2012

  • Past Life Regression Therapist - 2012

  • Sexual Health Workshop Facilitator - Women's Health Clinic - 2019

  • Relationship Coach - Workshop Facilitator - 2018

  • Life & Empowerment Coach - 2010

  • Women's Circle Facilitator (Ladies Night - Naughty Nights) - 2006 - 2008

  • Warrior Goddess Workshop Facilitator - w/ HeatherAsh Amara - 2017


Owner & Soul Operator of Aphrodite's Whisper Adult Boutique 2006-2012

Cassandra has taken many other classes & certifications see Cassandra's Page under WTF for complete list

Voting Member on many Volunteer Boards.

The 1st Chair in RM Woodlands Community Development Corporation 2016-2018

West Interlake Trading Company 2016-2021

Manitoba Goddess Festival Organizer Team 2012


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